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Golf Grip Size Guide


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While you can spend a lifetime perfecting your golfing technique — powerful drives, cheeky chips, precision putting — it won’t count for much unless you have the right kit. An essential piece of equipment for any golfer is the golf grip. Golf grips are important to encourage a healthy grip throughout your swing, and with their tacky surface, there is no risk of losing your club in the follow-through.
Great care should go into buying the correct size of golf grip for your club. A comfortable grip promotes an all-around better game, and will make you less susceptible to fatigue and hand cramps. For a long-haul round of golf, it is an essential. This guide has been developed by the experts here at 24-7 Discount Golf Grips, to help you determine which size golf grip is best suited to you.

Which size is right for me?

Your grip is an integral aspect of an effective swing, so it is important to use a golf grip that allows your finger placement to be correct, but that also keeps your hands comfortable in the long term. There is no exact science as to which golf grip is right for you, but we can certainly make an informed recommendation based on the size of your hand and how similar golfers have performed using different grips.
You should start by measuring the length of your hand from the crease in your wrist to the very tip of your longest finger. Next, measure the length of your longest finger from where it meets your palm to the tip.
Cross-reference these two measurements in our chart (above) to see which size golf grip we recommend. However, remember that this is only a guide and your final decision should be based on which golf grip feels most comfortable when using the correct finger placement (information below).

Getting to grips with finger placement

When gripping your club, your fingers should wrap around the grip, with the tips of your fingers barely touching the palm of your hand. This type of grip allows for a comfortable and effective swing.
If your fingers wrap around your club and dig into the pad of your hand, this usually indicates that your golf grip is too thin and you should use a larger size. Gripping in this way will soon lead to aches, and can actually damage the bones in your fingertips (distal phalanges).
Conversely, gripping your club and finding too much space between your fingers and the palm of your hand means that your grip is too thick. This will harm your game in a number of ways. Firstly, you will start to feel fatigued within a short space of time, as the loose grip will cause shock vibrations in your hand. This annoying, tingling feeling will get progressively more painful throughout your round of golf. Secondly, your shots will start to slice wayward, as your loose grip will discourage a full follow-through, which is essential for a straight shot. Finally, you run the risk of losing your club in your follow-through, which not only violates virtually every rule of golf etiquette in the book, but it is also highly embarrassing.

Standard-Size Golf Grips

Hand length: 7.1 inches – 8.5 inches
The standard-size golf grip is designed to suit most male golfers and should act as the go-to product for those with standard-size clubs. Women may wish to start by looking at our ladies’ and undersized golf grips.
The standard golf grip will generally accommodate golfers with a hand length of 8 inches and a longest finger length of around 8 centimetres. Naturally, deviations may occur if your hand and finger lengths are disproportionate or you find it more comfortable to use a different grip.

Midsize Golf Grips

Hand length: 7.75 inches – 9.5 inches
The midsize golf grip is slightly larger than that of the standard size: specifically 1/16 of an inch greater in diameter. This may not be huge, but a diameter increase of 1.6 millimetres can make all the difference to your swing.
For golfers with a hand length of around 8.5 inches and a finger length of between 8.5 and 9 centimetres, the midsize golf grip is the most appropriate. You may also look to use the midsize golf grip if your hand size matches you to a standard grip, but you prefer to use a tighter hand grip than the norm.

Jumbo/Oversized Golf Grips

Hand length: 8.5 inches+
Jumbo-size golf grips are 1/8 of an inch larger in diameter than the standard-size golf grip, and 1/16 of an inch larger than the midsize grip. The extra 3.2 millimetres in diameter will create a bigger gap between your finger tips and palm when gripping, which can greatly affect your swing.
Golfers with an overall hand length of around 9 inches and a finger length of 10 centimetres are best suited to using this grip. For larger-handed players, this is usually the go-to grip. While you may have experienced difficulties finding gloves to properly fit your hands, having large hands is no problem here as the jumbo-size golf grip provides a comfortable grip around your club for a healthy swing.

Ladies’/Undersized Golf Grips

Hand length: 5.5 inches – 7.75 inches
For ladies, or those transitioning from a junior to an adult-size club, an undersized golf grip will be suited to you. It is 1/64 of an inch smaller than the standard-size grip — a miniscule variation, but one that can prove significant.
Our ladies’/undersize golf grips are suited to a hand length under 8 inches and a finger length of around 8.5 centimetres. If your hands are especially petite, you may be better off with a junior-size golf grip.

Junior-Size Golf Grips

Children’s size
Junior-size golf grips are made for children. The thinner grip allows youngsters to have a healthy and safe grip on their club despite their small hand size. Junior-size golf grips are smaller than the ladies’ and undersized models, and can deviate in size, sometimes coming in age brackets.